The Mission

Hello, I’m Kevin D Mackay. I teach a movement based mind-body practice for the Western wisdom tradition.

The West has no "mind and body" practice, that is equivalent to Yoga, Zen, Tai Chi, etc in other cultures. And at the same time our posture and coordination are terrible and will only get worse.

Do you think these two things might be related?

I'm convinced the Ancient Greeks had some sort of psychophysical technique like this. There are clues in their sculptures, art and writings.

Imagine a new discipline that is halfway between philosophy and athletics, but doesn’t look like either…

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About Me

I don’t have all the answers. But I’m here to share my ongoing learning.

I’m a Scottish Highlander marooned on a Mediterranean island (Cyprus.) I teach psychophysical techniques for improving posture, dexterity and your mind-body connection.

I also co-host the “Psychophysical” podcast along with Erik Dalston and Keith Walkiewicz. Keith and I also have a series of youtube videos on Dexterity.